Multi Engine Training Services

Our flight training philosophy is simple: There is no substitute for experience.

We have several courses available and provide primary through advanced flight training. The focus of all of our programs is your development as a Pilot. To accomplish this goal, we utilize an FAA approved high fidelity, motion-based Advanced Aviation Training Device equipped with wrap around visuals and sophisticated three axis dynamic control loading. The device is used as a platform for safely introducing new concepts and maneuvers. The skill sets learned and practiced in the “Sim” are then transferred to, and reinforced in the aircraft. This method of training is very effective, and cost-efficient. You will retain more, increase competency, and ultimately be a better pilot. We train to proficiency.

Multi Engine Training and Instrument Training Courses

We have found that a large majority of newly certificated instrument pilots lack any IMC exposure, and exhibit over-reliance on the equipment found in new generation aircraft (TAA). Angle of Attack’s “Freight Dog “ training program addresses these issues. Key elements of the program are Risk Management and Aeronautical Decision Making. Through the use of these tools, and when conditions warrant, we will utilize the capabilities of our aircraft and instructional staff to provide you “Actual” weather flying experience.

For Multi-engine training and for our advanced, real weather flying courses, we use a Cessna 310 R. The aircraft is conventionally equipped and includes a deice package, weather radar, a GNS 430, and autopilot. Vortex Generators have been installed for added safety. The 310 is used for our “Full Feather “ multi-engine training program, and also for our “Freight Dog” IFR curriculum.

For primary and instrument training, we use a legacy equipped Cessna 172M. The aircraft has a standard avionics package, DME, and an “VFR Only” GPS Unit. Discounted Block Time rental rates are available.

multi engine flight training courses

Training Options

“First Ticket” (Private Pilot)
“As Filed” (Instrument Rating)
“Comm One” (SEL Commercial)
“Full Feather” (MEL Commercial)

Specialty Courses

“Mountain Wind” (Mountain Flying )
“Freight Dog” (IMC Exposure)

Introductory Flight (20 min.)


Instruction Rates


AATD Simulation Device

$85.00 per hour

Cessna 172

$135.00 per hour