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How much will it cost to obtain a Commercial Multi-Engine Add on Rating?


Affordable Commercial Multi-Engine Add On:


Angle of Attack AEROnautics can help pilots who have a Commercial Single-Engine license that want to obtain a Multi-Engine add on rating at an affordable rate. Depending proficiency levels, a pilot can achieve a commercial multi-engine add on rating in as little as 4-5 days.

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Angle of Attack AEROnautics uses an AATD simulation device which saves a considerable amount of  time and expense associated with achieving this rating. This method of training increases your proficiency and saves you money. Our AATD sim has five screen wrap around visuals and 3 axis dynamic loading. The result is a realistic flying experience.


Our Cessna 310 R was specifically chosen as a training aircraft for it’s complexity, speed and weather flying capabilities. As a result, this aircraft is an efficient training platform for anyone pursuing a multi-engine commercial license.

Angle of Attack AEROnautics Costs:

Costs are an estimate based on pilot’s currency and proficiency skills for completion of program in least amount of time. Average pilot skills can complete course within 5-10 hours of flying over 3-4 days.

Dual Flight (5 hrs)                                                        $1975.00

  • includes Cessna 310R aircraft rental wet

Dual Sim hours (5 hrs)                                                  $ 700.00

  • includes ground instruction

Books/Supplies:                                                              $25.00

  • ($0 if materials are returned in same condition)

FAA Examiner Fee                                                         $400-$500

  • (based on individual examiner’s charges)

Aircraft rental for Checkride  (1.5 hrs)                             $510.00

Total Cost of rating:                                                     $3610.00-$3710.00

Representative Competitor Flight School Costs:

The below figures are represent cost estimates for obtaining an commercial multi-engine add on rating.

Dual Flight (10 hrs)                                         $3650.00

Dual Sim hours with instructor (2 hrs)              $ 220.00

Books/Supplies:                                              $102.00

FAA Examiner Fee                                           $450.00

Aircraft rental for Checkride  (1.5 hrs)              $413.00

Total estimate:                                              $5045.00

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Monte Belgarde

Monte has been a licensed flight instructor for over 30 years. His aviation experience includes air charter, air ambulance, freight, and contract work for the U.S. Forest Service. His FAR 135 background also includes employment as Chief Pilot and Director of Operations. Several of “Monte’s Pilots “ are now working for the Airlines. The flight training programs Monte has coordinated are certain to give you the experience and confidence to begin your flight career.