Affordable Multi-Engine Flight Training

Affordable Multi-Engine Flight Training


Affordable Multi-Engine flight training. How much time will it take to get my Multi-engine rating?

Angle of Attack AEROnautics provides affordable multi-engine flight training.  Our “Full-Feather” Multi-engine rating add on can be completed in as little as 4 days. However, the majority of the success will be based on level of flying experience and preparation regarding the study materials. Prior to your training date, self-study materials will be provided. To reduce training time, you will need to devote 6-10 hours for learning the material in advance of the first training session.

Experienced and Efficient Flight Instruction:

Monte Belgarde, a 30-year flight instructor, is experienced in working with professional pilots. Monte’s has lengthy experience as a commercial pilot working in freight transport, medical transport, charter and contracted work with the Forest Service. He also has provided supervision and training professional pilots in similar areas. Monte’s experiences in flying “hard” IFR conditions have been transferred into his flight instruction for his students to be proficient and safe pilots. Monte is knowledgeable of what employers are seeking regarding skills and competencies of a desirable commercial pilot.  He can tailor the training to meet your specific needs.

We train to proficiency.  Our AATD “sim” has a data base which contains 30 makes and models of aircraft, and over 100 types of failures that can be programmed into the device.  Our “sim” is the most advanced model in the state. It is not the typical desk top model that is offered by competing flight schools (including 141 schools). Our “sim” is self contained with 3-axis dynamic loading and 5 wrap around visual screens that results a realistic feel and experience of being in a cockpit.  Please feel free to visit our Angle of Attack AEROnautics website, facebook, youtube or Instagram sites to see our “sim” and aircraft in action, as well as meet some of the students we have instructed.

Our Cessna 310R was specifically chosen for its complexity, speed, and weather capabilities. Our goal is safety and your development as a pilot. When possible, you will be exposed to the IFR/IMC environment. Montana is known as the “Big Sky” country of the Northwest and offers plenty of real weather flying opportunities. Butte Montana offers many recreational activities and historical interests to enjoy while you are receiving your flight training.

Affordable Multi-Engine Flight Training rates $$$:

Our AATD “sim” allows for affordable multi engine training by reducing the overall training costs. All time on the AATD is considered log time at an affordable rate. We offer block rates for our Cessna 310R and provide a discount for advanced payment in full for our “Full-Feather” program. Our rates are included on our website, or you can contact us directly for further information. Our rates are competitive with other flight schools who offer less experienced flight instruction, use desk top simulation devices and have ATC delays.

Contact Information:

Please refer to our website: or feel free to contact us at (406) 490-3627 or email us at We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.