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    Affordable Flight training. Save $$$

Affordable flight training with Angle of Attack AEROnautics can save $$$.  ATC delays are non occurrence at the Bowman Field Airport (3U3), Anaconda MT and a rare occurance at neighboring Bert Mooney Airport, Butte MT.

. During a great cross country flight with student pilot Randy Johnson, flying from Anaconda to Bozeman, it was noted that Randy spent over 25 minutes on the ground due to ATC delays at the Bozeman airport prior to take off.  Randy was number 5 in sequence to land, as well as take off. Randy was behind commercial jets both times. ATC delays can be a common occurrence at most of the greater commercial Montana airports, such as Helena, Bozeman, Billings, Missoula and Great Falls.

      ATC Delay occurrences are rare

One advantage in your flight training with Angle of Attack AEROnautics is that there is plenty of opportunity to practice touch and go’s and perfecting maneuvers at Bowman Field Airport without delays. The runway is your own.   Students can then practice flying in and out of a commercial airport in neighboring Butte with minimal ATC delays. This can save you a considerable amount of money. Students training with  Angle of Attack AEROnautics flight school are quickly in the air and flying. This compares to other flight schools where students watch their money evaporate in the form of aircraft rental and instructor fees, while sitting on the ground over ATC dealys waiting to take off.  Consider Angle of Attack AEROnautics as your affordable flight training school. We can meet your training needs for private pilot, instrument, multi-engine rating or a commercial rating.   We train to proficiency.

Experienced Flight Instruction at an affordable rate

Monte Belgarde has over 30 years as a flight instructor and has trained all levels of pilots.  Students included those interested in a private pilot certificate, to individuals who obtained more advanced ratings and began their careers as a commercial pilots.  Contact us for affordable flight training with an experience flight instructor. We would love to talk to you further about your flight training needs. You can contact us directly at (406) 490-3627, or the contact page on our website: aoaaeronautics.com.