About Our Flight Training Programs

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About our Flight Training Programs Instructor

Monte Belgarde

Monte has been a licensed flight instructor for over 30 years. His aviation experience includes air charter, air ambulance, freight, and contract work for the U.S. Forest Service. His FAR 135 background also includes employment as Chief Pilot and Director of Operations. Several of “Monte’s Pilots “ are now working for the Airlines. The flight training programs Monte has developed are certain to give you the experience and confidence to begin your flight career.

About our Flight Training Programs

All of our flight training programs feature high fidelity flight simulation and our TPK method of instruction. The letters TPK stand for Theory, Practice and Knowledge and form the core of our teaching system. Our course offerings also embrace the tenets of the FITS training concept and are an integral part of all of our programs. With these tools and our motion based AATD, we use a building block approach to introduce and practice key elements and maneuvers. We train to proficiency. These skill sets are then transferred into the aircraft where they are reinforced and your knowledge is enhanced. This method of training is very effective and cost efficient. You will retain more, increase competency, and ultimately be a better pilot.

About the Location

Nearby are the towns of Bozeman and Helena. Both of these cities have controlled airfields and instrument approaches which offer flight planning flexibility and safety. Our unique location provides advanced instrument flight rules or IFR training opportunities that cannot be offered by many of our competitors.

Currently, the services of Designated Pilot Examiners are in high demand. Practical Test scheduling delays are common. As part of our flight training program service, the DPE will be scheduled as part of the admission process.

As an added benefit, Montana does not have a sales tax. This results in significant savings and increases the value of your flight training dollar. With our course structure and use of our AATD, training to proficiency has never been more affordable.


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